An open letter to the Clown’s teachers

Last Friday was the end of the school year for all three Clowns – again!  They seem to have clocked up several months holiday for 2018 already…  And now they have their summer holidays stretching out for two months in front of them.  Tough life, right?!

It’s been an interesting year already, not to mention disruptive and full of hurdles.  They are all looking forward to this break before starting school again in August!

We have been so lucky to have amazing teachers this year and I wanted to let them know just how much we appreciate their dedication and care.  It was harder than I thought, to put into words just how much Marc and I are thankful for these teachers that have helped to shape the Clown’s perception and expectation of what international schooling can look like.

Dear Mr S, Miss J and Miss N,

Parenting and teaching are tough, sometimes thankless jobs.  We make decisions daily, and hope that we are making the right ones for our children.  We trust our gut, and hope that we are teaching them to be good people.  But the results won’t be measurable for a few years to come, while we watch and wait for them to grow.

It’s hard to express how grateful we are, as parents, to know we have made a decision that is proving to be tangibly good.  That we have the opportunity to see, almost immediately, the effects of our decision to hand our kids over to you and the staff at AISB.  It’s an amazing thing to witness.

Thank you for taking our children under your wings and helping them enjoy coming to school everyday.  All three Harvey kids are sad to be leaving your classrooms today.  But you have prepared them well and they are looking forward to what their next years at AISB will bring.

Everyday they come home with great stories about their friends, what’s happening in their classes and what they have learnt, confirming for us that we made the right decision to enrol them at AISB.  For this, Marc and I cannot thank you all enough.

Moving countries, changing schools, and having to cope with so much disruption hasn’t been easy over the last six months, but you have helped make the schooling component of that change so much more positive and just better.  Better than we had expected.  Better than the kids thought it would be.  Better than we all imagined.

Thank you so very much.

Owen and Ella backstage at the end of year concert
Reuben receiving an award at assembly

It has been a thoroughly challenging first six months of 2018 for the Harvey Clowns…  That’s probably an understatement, if you asked them!  They have each taken their individual challenges in their stride, and we couldn’t be more proud of the way they have handled themselves in so many new situations this year already!

The second half of 2018 brings even more change and challenges, which I’m sure they will grab and run with!


Accidental Adventuring : R-Walk

A couple of weeks ago, we didn’t take the usual route home.  It’s amazing what you see when you travel a different way somewhere you are normally on auto-pilot for.  This time, we literally went left instead of right.  Yep, it was that simple!

What we came across, was the R-Walk (or Ratchaprasong Skyline Walk), which is an elevated walkway in the Ratchaprasong area.  There are heaps of shines and interesting spots along the R-Walk.  A bonus is it’s all covered, so cooler and more breezy than on the street at times and wide enough that you can stop to take photos or read about the different shrines without getting in the way of the general public. Win!

R-Walk map
Ratchaprasong District Info

We walked only about half of the R-Walk, but intend to walk the whole thing one afternoon to check out all the points of interest along the way.  As always in Bangkok, there are plenty of places to stop and grab a cool drink and something delicious to eat.  You can probably see more places to make note of from the R-Walk so one stroll through won’t be enough.

This is the view of the most popular shine along the walk – the Erawan Shrine.  People queue for sometimes hours to visit this shine.  I only took a haphazard shot of the info board but I like that they have suggested offerings!


IMG_7217IMG_7218Crazy busy, hu?!  And this isn’t even “peak” time!

Indra Shrine

I liked the calm of the Indra Shrine after the crazy at the Erawan Shrine….

Enjoy your weekend!